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Lauderdale, FL
"The opioid crisis is making headlines, but another category of drugs continues to devastate communities: stimulants. Cocaine is flooding Southern states as production increases to record levels in South America. Meth remains an omnipresent scourge. And college students across the country continue to misuse prescription drugs to boost academic performance. Together these “twin epidemics” are overwhelming law enforcement and treatment providers.
"Yet there are many reasons for hope, as this crisis is not going unnoticed. Clinical professionals, whether part of larger systems or in private practice, are in an ideal position to discuss with their clients why stimulants are no less dangerous than opioids, as well as address the trauma and shame histories that often lead to substance use. Law enforcement officials are taking steps to educate their teams and communities about effective strategies for removing these drugs from the streets. And multiple stakeholders are working together to prevent stimulant use, provide access to treatment, and ensure that stimulants are part of larger societal discussions about addressing drug use."


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