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NDEWS Presents

NDEWS Presents is an ongoing series of webinars convened by the NDEWS Coordinating Center to explore emerging drugs and timely drug-related topics.

Upcoming webinars are listed below. As each webinar becomes open, links will be...

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Community Drug Early Warning System (CDEWS)

CDEWS staff work with testing programs at criminal justice agencies and hospitals to obtain a sample of urine specimens that are ready to be discarded. These de-identified specimens are sent to the collaborating CDEWS laboratory to test each...

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Drug Surveillance Systems in Other Countries

Links to information regarding drug surveillance systems in other countries.


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National and State Data Sources

Links to national sources of data on drug and alcohol use, the consequences of such use, and the availability of drugs across the US. The links are organized by indicator at the national and state levels. 

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Outside Publications

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Conferences and Meetings

Let us know about your event. Send a note to ndews@umd.ed...

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