NDEWS has identified data for opioids and overdoses. This listing includes interactive dashboards and/or drug reports for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This information is updated frequently by each organization cited. NDEWS will review these links periodically and provide updated information as we find it. Please let us know if we have overlooked anything that could be useful for research and should be included in this list (ndews [at] umd.edu). National data sources can be found here. For additional research data references, try searching the Open Data Network.

*Interactive dashboards are indicated with an asterisk


Department of Mental Health

Alabama Epidemiological Profile: Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs Usage and Abuse 2016 (PDF, 116 pgs)

Jefferson County Coroner/Medical Examiner’s Office

Jefferson County Coroner/Medical Examiner’s Office Annual Report 2017: Section 6 Overdose Deaths (begins on pg 59) (PDF, 75 pgs) 



Department of Health and Social Services

"Consumption and Consequence", Updated Tables and Charts Released June 8, 2018 (PDF, 100 pgs)

*Alaska Opioid Data Dashboard

Alaska State Troopers’ Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit (SDEU)

Alaska State Troopers Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit Annual Drug Report 2017 (PDF, 37 pgs)



Arizona – Department of Health Services

Opioid Epidemic: Real Time Opioid Data 

*Opioid Interactive Dashboard: June, 15 2017-Present

*Arizona – Interactive MAP: AZ Deaths from Opioids, 2016

*Community Profiles Dashboard: Use “data” pulldown to access drug-related data points

2016 Arizona Opioid Report (PDF, 10 pgs)

Arizona Opioid Emergency Response June 2017 to June 2018 (PDF, 201 pgs)

Poisonings among Arizona Residents 2017 (Begins on pg 11) (PDF, 39 pgs)



Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care

Arkansas Epidemiological State Profile of Substance Use 2017 (PDF, 234 pgs)


Department of Public Health

*California Opioid Overdose Surveillance Dashboard: Use the sidebar to choose “State Dashboard” or “County Dashboard”

County Health Status Profiles 2018 (Located on pgs 39-40) (PDF, 103 pgs)

California Healthcare Foundation

Tackling an Epidemic: An Assessment of the California Opioid Safety Coalitions Network: Fig 2. Number of Overdose Deaths from Opioid Pain Medications, United States (chart on pg 4), Fig 5. Opioid Overdose Death Rate, California, 2015 (map on pg 11)

Substance Use in California: A Look at Addiction and Treatment October 2018 (PDF, 57 pgs)



Department of Public Health and Environment

Examining Opioid and Heroin-Related Drug Overdose in Colorado (PDF, 10 pgs)

Denver Public Health

*Substance Use Exposure Dashboard 2011-2016

Heroin Response Work Group

Heroin in Colorado 2017 (PDF, 62 pgs) 

Colorado Substance Abuse Trend and Response Task Force 

State of Colorado Substance Abuse Trend and Response Task Force Thirteenth Annual Report January 2019 (PDF, 57 pgs)

Denver Office of the Medical Examiner

2015: Denver Medical Examiner 2015 Annual Report (Staring on page 34) (PDF, 49 pgs)
2017: Denver Medical Examiner 2017 Annual Report 

Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse

*Rx Consortium Dashboard

Colorado Health Institute 

Confronting the Crisis of our Generation: The Opioid Epidemic in Colorado 2018 (PDF, 4 pgs)

Death by Drugs



Department of Public Health

*Drug Overdoses Scorecard 2013-2017

Rates and Counts of Adolescents and Adult ED Visits for “Suspected Drug Overdose” Syndrome Connecticut, by County of Residence: 1/1/2018-1/31/2018 and 2/1/2018-2/28/2018

Connecticut Open Data

*Accidental Drug Related Deaths: 2012-2018

*Fentanyl Related Deaths: 2012-2016

*Map of Accidental Drug Related Deaths by Town

Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Connecticut Accidental Drug Intoxication Deaths 2012-2017 


Delaware Health Tracker

*Community Health Dashboards: Choose the “death rate due to drug poisoning” indicator in the “find an indicator” dropdown box, OR Choose the “teens who use illicit drugs” indicator in the “find an indicator” dropdown box

University of Delaware Center for Drug and Health Studies

2018 Delaware State Epidemiological Profile: Substance Use and Related Issues (PDF, 40 pgs)

The 2018 Epidemiological Subsections Header contains many informative PDFs



Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association

Florida Drug Trends 2017 (PDF, 43 pgs)

Patterns and Trends of Substance Abuse Within and Across the Regions of Florida June 2018 (PDF, 31 pgs)

Drug Free Broward

Drug Abuse Trends In Broward County, Florida Annual Report: June 2017 (PDF, 28 pgs)

The Opioid Epidemic In Broward County (PDF, 6 pgs)

Executive Office of the Governor

2018 Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey State Report (PDF, 160 pgs)

Florida Department of Children and Families: Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition

Drug Abuse Trends in Palm Beach County Florida Annual Report July 2017 (PDF, 29 pgs)

Department of Health: State Surgeon General and Secretary

FMA Opioid Summit 2007-2016 (Begins on pg 31) (PDF, 67 pgs)

Florida Health Behavioral Association 

Media Publication and Public Information Resource (PDF, 20 pgs)

University of Florida College of Medicine

*Florida Drug-Related Outcomes Surveillance and Tracking System (FROST)

Florida Department of Law Enforcement: Medical Examiners Commission

Drugs Identified in Deceased Persons by Florida Medical Examiners (PDF, 70 pgs)



Department of Public Health

*Online Analytical Statistical Information System (OASIS)

Opioid Overdose Surveillance 2017 (PDF, 22 pgs)

Georgia Strategic Prevention System (GASPS)

*GSHS II - Substance Use: (2012 - 2017)

Substance Abuse Research Alliance: Georgia Prevention Project

Prescription Opioids and Heroin Epidemic in Georgia 2017 (PDF, 60 pgs)


Department of Health

State Epidemiological Profile 2011-2015 Selected Youth and Drug Indicators (PDF, 105 pgs)

Drug Overdose Deaths among Hawaii residents, 1999-2014 (PDF, 2 pgs)

2017 Hawaii Alcohol and Substance Use Profiles and Fact Sheets: View Youth Substance Use by County hyperlinks)

Hawaii Health Matters

*Community Health Dashboards: In the “find an indicator” dropdown box, type in Health/Substance Abuse and choose any indicator of interest. 


Department of Health and Welfare, Division of Behavioral Health

The Idaho Opioid Epidemic & State Opioid Initiatives 2018 (PDF, 28 pgs)

Opioid Needs Assessment 2017 (PDF, 55 pgs)

Drug-Induced Deaths: Idaho Residents, 2016 Summary (PDF, 4 pgs)

Drug-Induced Deaths: Idaho Residents, 2011-2015 (PDF, 49 pgs)

Prevention Idaho

Substance Abuse Prevention Needs Assessment Idaho, 2017 (PDF, 58 pgs)

Substance Use in Idaho (PDF, 14 pgs)

Heroin Use Fact Sheet (PDF, 1 pg)



Department of Public Health

*Opioid Data Dashboard 2013-2017

State of Illinois Comprehensive Opioid Data Report 2017 (PDF, 38 pgs)

Department of Human Services

The Opioid Crisis in Illinois: Data and the State’s Response (PDF, 20 pgs)

An Epidemiological Profile of Prescription Drug and Opioid Use in Illinois (PDF, 63 pgs)



State of Indiana

*Indiana by the Numbers 2008-2017

County Profiles of Opioid Use and Related Outcomes 2017 (PDF, 217 pgs)

*Indiana Specific Data

Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health

The Changing Landscape of the Opioid Epidemic in Marion County and Evidence for Action October 2018 (PDF, 119 pgs)

The Consumption and Consequences of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs in Indiana: A State Epidemiological Profile 2017 (PDF, 139 pgs)

Bloomington Innovation

*Overdoses in Monroe County Dashboard 2017


Department of Public Health

Iowa Substance Use Brief: Methamphetamine 2018 (PDF, 3 pgs)

State of Iowa Substance Use Epidemiological Profile 2016 (PDF, 91 pgs)

Governor’s Office of Drug Control Policy

Drug Trends in Iowa 2016 (PDF, 66 pgs)

Opioid Abuse in Iowa: Rx to Heroin 2016 (PDF, 60 pgs)

University of Iowa: School of Public Health

The Prescription Opioid Crisis: Policy and Program Recommendations to Reduce Opioid Overdose and Deaths in Iowa 2017 (PDF, 16 pgs)


Department of Health and Environment

Special Emphasis Report: Drug Poisoning Deaths, 2000-2017 (PDF, 2 pgs)

Prescription Opioids in Kansas, July to September 2017 by County of Residence (PDF, 1 pg)

Trends in Drug Poisoning Deaths Special Emphasis Report: Drug Poisoning Deaths, 2005-2016 (PDF, 2 pgs)

County Level Drug Overdose Deaths, 2005-2009, 2012-2016 (PDF, 2 pgs)

*Kansas Epidemiological Data Dashboard 2016-2017

Kansas Health Matters

*Death Rate due to Drug Poisoning Dashboard 2014-2016



Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center

Burden Intensity Maps: Contains multiple links with overdose death information

Drug Overdose Deaths among Kentucky Residents, 1999-2017 (PDF, 12 pgs)

*Multiple drug data dashboards: There are three different dashboards entitled: 1) Drug-related morbidity dashboard: ED visits, 2014 Q4 - 2018 Q3, 2) Drug-related morbidity dashboard: Inpatient discharges, 2014 Q4 - 2018 Q3, and 3) Kentucky Hospital Inpatient Drug Overdose Dashboard. All can be be found under the “other reports” header. 

Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy

2017 Overdose Fatality Report (PDF, 19 pgs)



Department of Health

*Louisiana Opioid Data and Surveillance System

Opioid-related Deaths in Louisiana Updated June 2018 (PDF, 3 pgs)

Louisiana Opioid Epidemic Town Hall Series (PDF, 29 pgs)

Annual Health Report Card March 2018 (Begins at pg 33-35), (PDF, 109 pgs)

Opioid Prescribing in Louisiana 2010-2015 (PDF, 3 pgs)

Louisiana Public Health Institute

Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Trend Graphs 2008-2013 (Begins on pg 6-12) (PDF, 42 pgs)


Department of Health and Human Services: State Epidemiology Outcomes Workgroup

*Maine SEOW Dashboard: Select "view indicators"

SEOW Special Report: Heroin, Opioids, and Other Drugs in Maine (PDF, 74 pgs)

Special SEOW Report: Behavioral Health Among Women in Maine (PDF, 28 pgs)

Substance Abuse Trends in Maine State Epidemiological Profile 2016 (PDF, 129 pgs)

Department of Health and Human Services: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Substance Use Among Young Adults (18-25) 2016 (PDF, 2 pgs)

Substance Use and Mental Health Among LGBTQ* Youth in Maine 2015 (PDF, 2 pgs)

2015 Substance Abuse Epidemiological Profiles by Health District (PHD) 

Substance Abuse Trends in Maine State Epidemiological Profile 2015 (PDF, 132 pgs)



Opioid Operational Command Center

2019 Second Quarter Report; April 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019

2018 Annual Report - Includes 2018 Preliminary Opioid-Related Overdose Death Data

Department of Health

Drug- and Alcohol-Related Intoxication Deaths in Maryland, 2016 (PDF, 54 pgs)

Unintentional Drug- and Alcohol-Related Intoxication Deaths in Maryland Annual Report 2017 (PDF, 58 pgs) 

Anne Arundel County Department of Health

Opioid Poisoning-Related Emergency Department Visits, 2010-2014 (PDF, 7 pgs)

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Substance Use and Outcomes 2015 Maryland State Epidemiological Profile (PDF, 80 pgs)



State of Massachusetts

Current opioid statistics 2015-2019

The Massachusetts Opioid Epidemic: A data visualization of findings from the Chapter 55 report

Department of Public Health

Data Brief: Opioid-Related Overdose Deaths among Massachusetts Residents, posted November 2018 (PDF, 4 pgs)



Department of Health and Human Services

Michigan Epidemiological Profile November 2017 (PDF, 39 pgs)

Department of Community Health

A Profile of Drug Overdose Deaths Using the Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS) 2014 (PDF, 25 pgs)


Department of Health

Opioid Dashboard 2007-2016

Drug Overdose Deaths among Minnesota Residents 2000-2016 (PDF, 56 pgs)

Race Rate Disparity in Drug Overdose Deaths (PDF, 12 pgs)

Minnesota: Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division

*Substance Use in Minnesota - Drug Dashboard: Select the drugs indicator to view more detailed information about drug abuse 

Substance Abuse in Minnesota: A State Epidemiological Profile 2018 (PDF, 186 pgs)

State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC)

Minnesota's Growing and Evolving Opioid Crisis



Department of Health

The Mississippi Opioid and Heroin Data Collaborative: First Quarter of 2018 Provisional Data Report (PDF, 12 pgs)

Drug Overdose Deaths in Mississippi 2011-2016 (PDF, 4 pgs)

Epidemiological Report: Drug Overdose Deaths Involving Opioids in Mississippi, 2011-2016 (PDF, 6 pgs)



Department of Health and Senior Services

Missouri Opioids Dashboard: Under the “Missouri Opioids Dashboard” header, there are clickable subheads called “Death Toll,” “An Epidemic Affecting Everyone,” “The Impact on the Future,” “The Costs of Opioid Misuse.” Click the subhead that is of interest to you.

Department of Mental Health

2018 Status Report on Missouri’s Substance Use & Mental Health

MO Behavioral Health Epidemiology Workgroup

Missouri State Epidemiological Profile July 2018 (PDF, 80 pgs)



State Department of Justice

Substance Use in Montana: A summary of state level initiatives for the Department of Justice 2017 (PDF, 87 pgs)

Department of Public Health and Human Services

Drug Poisoning Deaths in Montana, 2003-2014 (PDF, 7 pgs)

Prescription Opioid Poisoning Deaths in Montana, 2000-2015 (PDF, 7 pgs)


Nebraska Legislature

The Opioid Epidemic (Pg. 9, Opioid Prescriptions per 100,00 Residents) (Pg. 10, Opioid Drug Overdose Deaths by Nebraska Health District 2006-2015) (PDF, 21 pgs)

Department of Health and Human Services

Substance Abuse, Mental Illness and Associated Consequences in Nebraska An Epidemiological Profile 2015 (PDF, 163 pgs)

Special Emphasis Report: Drug Overdose Deaths, 1999-2014 (PDF, 2 pgs)

Drug Overdose Deaths Fact Sheet for 2016 (PDF, 2 pgs)



Department of Health and Human Services – Division of Public and Behavioral Health

*Nevada Opioid Overdose Surveillance Dashboard: Use the sidebar to choose “State Dashboard” or “County Dashboard”

Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Agency 2017 Epidemiologic Profile (PDF, 88 pgs)

The Scope of Opioid Use in Nevada, 2016 (PDF, 1 pg)



New Hampshire Information and Analysis Center

New Hampshire Drug Monitoring Initiative: 2017 Overview—Drug Environment Report—UNCLASSIFIED (PDF, 12 pgs)

New Hampshire Drug Monitoring Initiative: Drug Environment Report—UNCLASSIFIED (PDF, 14 pgs)

Attorney General Department of Justice: Office of Chief Medical Examiner

Drug Death Data 2017 (PDF, 2 pgs)

Summary of 2017 NIH Drug Overdose Deaths (PDF, 7 pgs)



Department of Human Services: Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services

New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Substance Abuse Overview 2017 Statewide (PDF, 12 pgs)

The State of New Jersey

*A Real Time Dashboard of Opioid-Related Data and Information

New Jersey State Epidemiological Profile for Substance Abuse Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant 2008 (SPF SIG) (PDF, 79 pgs)


Department of Health

2017 Ohio Drug Overdose Data: General Findings (PDF, 13 pgs)

Epidemic of Prescription Drug Overdose in Ohio (PDF, 8 pgs)

Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network

Surveillance of Drug Abuse Trends in the State of Ohio, January-June 2018 (210 pgs)

Summit County Public Health

*Data Dashboards: Look under the “Drug & Alcohol Overdose Data” header

City of Cincinnati

*Heroin Overdose Responses Dashboard 2016-Present

Harm Reduction Ohio

Harm Reduction Ohio

Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services

Includes maps on treatment for substance use disorders, prescription opioid doses dispensed, benzodiazepine doses dispensed, and archive maps

Drug trend reports



Department of Health

Fatal Unintentional Poisoning Surveillance System: Data Update (PDF, 15 pgs)

Special Emphasis Report: Drug Overdose Deaths, 1999-2013 (PDF, 2 pgs)

Unintentional Poisoning Deaths in Oklahoma, 2007-2012 (PDF, 19 pgs)

County Fact Sheets



Oregon Health Authority

*Prescribing and Drug Overdose Data for Oregon Dashboard

Opioid Overdose in Oregon Report to the Legislature (PDF, 10 pgs)

Oregon Criminal Justice Commission

*Drug Trends Dashboard

Oregon Health Authority Center for Prevention & Health Promotion, Injury & Violence Prevention Section

Drug Overdose Deaths, Hospitalizations, Abuse & Dependency among Oregonians 2014 (PDF 90 pgs)


Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs

*Youth Survey on 30-Day vs. Lifetime Drug Use: Click on the consumption header

Department of Health

*Pennsylvania PDMP Interactive Data Report

State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup

Counting an Epidemic: Opioid Overdose Prevention in Pennsylvania (PDF, 9 pgs)

Prescription opioid misuse among youth in Pennsylvania: attitudes and access 2017 (PDF, 8 pgs)

State of Pennsylvania

*Pennsylvania Opioid Data Dashboard 2015-2017

OverdoseFree Pennsylvania

Epidemiological Profile of Overdose Data, 2008 (PDF, 24 pgs)

*Death Data Overview

*County Death Data

Neonatal and Maternal Hospitalizations Related to Substance Use (PDF, 3 pgs)



State of Rhode Island

*Data on Overdose Deaths, Emergency Department Visits, Treatment Admissions, Medication-Assisted Treatment, Naloxone, Opioid Prescribing

Brown University School of Public Health Center for Population Health and Clinical Epidemiology State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW)

Substance Use and Mental Health in Rhode Island (2017) A State Epidemiological Profile (PDF, 71 pgs)

Department of Health

*Drug Overdose Deaths 2014-2018



Department of Health and Environmental Control

Drug Overdose Deaths South Carolina 2017 (PDF, 16 pgs)

Opioid Deaths in South Carolina (PDF, 47 pgs)

Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services

2017 South Carolina Profile on Substance-Related Indicators (PDF, 53 pgs)



Department of Social Services Prevention Program

South Dakota Substance Abuse Epidemiological Profile 2015-2016 (PDF, 134 pgs)

Office of Attorney General

Methamphetamine Stats (pg. 3) and 2016 South Dakota Methamphetamine (pg. 4) (PDF, 45 pgs)

Oregon Health & Science University

Results from the South Dakota Health Survey (PDF, 130 pgs)


Department of Health

*Tennessee Drug Overdose Dashboard

Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Tennessee Epidemiological Profile of Alcohol and Drug Misuse and Abuse 2016 (PDF, 217 pgs)

Behavioral Health Indicators for Tennessee and the United States (PDF, 62 pgs): Begins on pg 14

Opioid Abuse in Tennessee (PDF, 8 pgs)

Prescription Drug Epidemic in Tennessee (PDF, 29 pgs)



Department of State Health Services

*Opioid-Related Deaths in Texas Dashboard 1999-2015, from Department of State Health Services

University of Texas at Austin, Steve Hicks School of Social Work

National Drug Early Warning System (NDEWS) State of Texas Sentinel Community Site (SCS) Drug Use Patterns and Trends, 2018 (PDF, 21 pgs)



Department of Health

*Health Indicator Report of Drug Overdose and Poisoning Incidents

Prescription Opioid Deaths 2005-2016 (PDF, 4 pgs)

Number of Opioid Deaths by Age Group and Rate of Opioid Deaths Ages 18+ per 100,000 Population, Utah, 1999-2016

Utah Department of Human Services

Utah Statewide Substance Abuse Epidemiology Profile Report 2013 (PDF, 174 pgs)

2017 SHARP Survey Report: Click on 2017 SHARP Survey Reports > Click Statewide Report 2017



Department of Health

Drug-related Fatalities Among Vermonters 2017 (PDF, 10 pgs)

Opioid-related Fatalities Among Vermonters, 2017 (PDF, 16 pgs)

Vermont Prescription Monitoring System (PDF, 70 pgs)

*Opioid Scorecard

*Alcohol & Other Drug Use Scorecard 2015-2018



Department of Health

*Opioid Addiction Dashboard

Drug Overdose Surveillance – Updated monthly, includes information on monthly and annual emergency department visits for overdose by opioid

Fatal Drug Overdose Trends – Updated monthly


Department of Health

*Opioid Awareness Dashboards

Drug Overdose & Nonmedical Use of Pain Relievers (PDF, 6 pgs)

University of Washington – Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute

*Opioid trends across Washington state

Methamphetamine in Washington (PDF, 35 pgs)

2017 Drug Use Trends in King County, Washington (PDF, 10 pgs): Graphics begin on pg 4

King County Fatal Overdose Dashboard
Source: King County Medical Examiner's Office (10/1/2019)


Department of Health & Human Resources: Bureau for Behavioral Health & Health Facilities

2016 County Epidemiological Profiles

Department of Health & Human Resources: Bureau for Public Health

West Virginia Drug Overdose Deaths Historical Overview 2001-2015 (PDF, 25 pgs)

2016 West Virginia Overdose Fatality Analysis: Healthcare Systems Utilization, Risk Factors, and Opportunities for Intervention (PDF, 63 pgs)

Prevalence of mothers who used drugs during their pregnancy in West Virginia 2016 (PDF, 2 pgs)



Department of Health Services

*Opioids: Data Direct (Released August 2019)

*WISH Query: Drug Overdose Deaths, Updated December 2018

Wisconsin Epidemiological Profile on Alcohol and Other Drugs, 2016 (PDF, 116 pgs)

Wisconsin Death Report: Drug Overdose Deaths (PDF, 8 pgs)

2017 Wisconsin Mental Health and Substance Use Needs Assessment (PDF, 201 pgs): Begins on pg 89



University of Wyoming – Survey & Analysis Center

Telling the Story of Opioid Use in Wyoming, 2018 (PDF, 28 pgs)

2016 State Epidemiological Profile (PDF, 136 pgs)

2016 Community Epidemiological Profiles (PDF, 102 pgs)


Government of the District of Columbia: Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Opioid-related Fatal Overdoses: January 1, 2014 to November 30, 2018 (PDF, 3 pgs)

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