Archived Webinars

NDEWS Presents are monthly webinars convened by the NDEWS Coordinating Center to explore emerging drugs and timely drug-related topics. Future webinars will offer in-depth reviews of newly detected drugs, timely drug issues or trends, and events in specific geographical areas. Webinars may also be convened to explore innovative research and resources for better understanding changes in drug use and drug use trends in the United States.


2017 Webinars

Coming soon: Drug Term Discovery Through Social Media Using Natural Language Processing (11/15/2017)

HotSpot Report: Understanding the Increase in Opioid Overdoses: NDEWS New Hampshire HotSpot Study Results (9/12/2017)

HIDTA’s Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP) and HIDTA Heroin Response Strategy (3/29/2017)

Synthetic Drug Threats in the United States: 2017 Update (2/15/2017)


G-DEWS International Series - This is a project to examine existing drug monitoring systems around the world to gain an understanding of how they work, the contexts in which they operate, and to describe areas of best practice. The goal of the project is to develop guidance based on proven practices utilized by existing systems to support countries establishing new drug early warning systems (DEWS).


2016 Webinars

Using Wastewater Testing as a Drug Epidemiology Tool (11/16/2016)

Regional Differences in Opioid and Methamphetamine Trends Across the U.S: Findings from NDEWS Sentinel Community Sites (9/29/16)

Synthetic Opioids in Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals and Other Illicit Street Drugs: The Situation in Canada (7/20/16)

An Overview of the National Poison Data System and Drug-Related Human Exposure Cases (5/25/16)

Designer Drugs of Abuse: The Science Behind  the Headlines (4/27/16)

Understanding the Relationship Between Prescription Opioid Misuse and Heroin Abuse (3/28/16)

Synthetic Drug Threats in the United States (2/24/16)