Quick turnaround substudies on naloxone in three cities (2019): Cleveland, Ohio; Worcester, Massachusetts; Baltimore, Maryland.



Cleveland, Ohio

Lee Hoffer, Ph.D., MPE, Allison Schlosser, Ph.D., MSW, and Kayla Buckelew


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Worcester, Massachusetts

Jeffrey T. Lai, MD, Charlotte Goldfine, MD, Brittany P. Chapman, BSc, Melissa M. Taylor, BA, Rochelle K. Rosen, Ph.D., Stephanie P. Carreiro, MD, and Kavita M. Babu, MD

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Baltimore, Maryland

Annabelle M. Belcher, Ph.D., Thomas O. Cole, MA, Alexander Pappas, MD, Raman Sandhu, MD, Rachel Steere, DO, and Zofia Kozak, BS

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