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Monday, March 25, 2019 



  • James N. Hall
    Center for Applied Research on Substance Use and Health Disparities
    Nova Southeastern University
  • Jane C. Maxwell, PhD
    Research Professor
    Addiction Research Institute
    Steve Hicks School of Social Work
    The University of Texas at Austin
  • Brian J. Dew, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Chair, Department of Counseling and Psychological Services
    Georgia State University
  • Mary-Lynn Brecht, PhD
    Research Statistician
    Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
    University of California at Los Angeles


Presentation slides:


HALL: History of Stimulants; Reoccurring Patterns of 
Stimulant Epidemics 

MAXWELL: Tracking Drug Use Patterns (U.S. and Texas)

DEW: Changes in Methamphetamine Use Patterns in Atlanta, GA

BRECHT: Methamphetamine Trends in Los Angeles County


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Maxwell, J.C. & Brecht M. L. (2011). Methamphetamine: Here we go again? Addictive Behaviors 36, 1168-1173.

Maxwell, J. C. (2014). A new survey of methamphetamine users in treatment: Who they are, why they like “meth,” and why they need additional services. Substance Use and Misuse, 49, 6, 639-644.

Maxwell, J. C. (2013). Principal Investigator, Monitoring the Changing Methamphetamine Market in the Austin Area, NIDA, R21 DA025029, Period 8/15/2009-7/31/2013.

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