Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic Cannabinoids: AAPCC synthetic cannabinoid information page

See also: "Facts about 'Synthetic Marijuana" one-pager. 

Synthetic Cathinones: 

See: "Facts about 'Bath Salts" one-pager. 

Opioid Poisoning Calls

Georgia: Deadly Novel Synthetic Opioid Exposure Outbreak – A Case Study in the Crucial Surveillance Role of Regional Poison Control Centers (June 2017)

U.S. poison centers opioid exposure, rolling reports:  
AAPCC's Opioid Page 
*These numbers reflect multiple substance exposures to opioids reported to poison centers

For single substance exposures for substances: AAPCC's Annual Reports of the National Poison Data System 

E-Cigarettes & Liquid Nicotine

Liquid nicotine exposures continue to concern poison specialists.

Visit the AAPCC information pages for:  

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